Case4-Pi  (Model B+ version)        
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Equipment Needed (1) Case4-Pi kit (B+ Version)  (2) Ball point pen         (preferable thin point type) (3) Clear adhesive tape       (12mm wide is easiest to use)   (4) Rule    (30cm long is ideal) (5) Cutting board  (to protect table)       (or work on used paper) (6) Knife  or use the pen point to    remove the  ‘push out parts’      
This is how it will look when finished. (without a Case4-Lid) 
Prepare to remove the ‘push out parts’. Use knife or pen to help remove the ‘pips’ holding it in place. 
Score along the bend lines. Use the marks provided to line up the rule before scoring.
Fold the lines just scored right over. (also see step [6] now)
Bevel corner edges (the edges that meet up when the box is folded up)
Start taping corners - ensure corners meet well before adding.  Ask an adult help if needed.
Add the Raspberry Pi.  It can be left loose inside or bolted - see next step for bolting.    
Add two nuts and bolts to fix Raspberry Pi in place.    
Optional -  Bolt hinge to robot so you can have easy access to the SD card.    
Making instructions for the Case4-Pi  to fit Raspberry Pi model B+ only 
Tape Tape
Images taken from our YouTube video 
Remove the ‘push out parts’ 
Important Tip - Use ruler to help lift and fold the delicate  end as shown.
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