HapPi add-on PCB Assembly
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Pi-School TLBRC 3 Add then solder three  330ohm resistors in place.   Note  the 4th colour on the resistor is to indicate  tolerance during  manufacture   330 ohm Add then solder the protection diode in place. IMPORTANT The silver end must be added as shown,  it will may have   removable red sticker on this end as well.        diode 1K ohm Add then solder the two 1K ohm resistors in place.   Add the motor battery power LED and the pin 11 LED. Note - To hold LEDís still while soldering use sticky putty such  (e.g. Blu Tack) as shown.   IMPORTANT  The LEDs MUST have the flat side facing down   (the flat side also  has the shorter  connecting wire)  Top of  LED Add the 3 pin double socket and the 3 pin single socket to make the socket block shown.  Hold as parts as shown using sticky putty then turn over and solder.         Add the 4 pin socket  and solder in place.      Add the chip socket  and hold in place using sticky putty.  (e.g. Blu tack)     WARNING  To ensure the socket lays flat when soldered ONLY solder two pins to start with  - then check before soldering the other pins as shown in next step.    YOU NEED HapPi add-on kit, lead-less solder, soldering iron, wire side cutters, ventilated working area (old card could be used to protect a table) small screwdriver and piece of  sticky putty. (e.g. Blu Tack).     ATTENTION Some parts are POLARITY sensitive and MUST be connected the correct way round to work including the LEDs, Diode and the chip.  DANGER Soldering Irons are very hot in use and will burn skin on contact. Eye protection is recommended to protect from possible hot solder splashes. Work in a well ventilated area to reduce fume dangers.   Check you have all the parts in this parts list driver  chip  spacer 3 pin socket  330 ohm resistors 1K resistors diode 4 pin socket 26 pin LEDs 3 screw connectors (or option of 2 sockets)  11mm 26 pin 3 pin double socket   HapPi ad-on PCB  chip  holder  Blu Tack  sticky  putty    Visit www.pi-school.com for latest guides and instructions  and contact  www.thelittlebritishrobotcompany.co.uk for sale of HapPi-Kits                                 Copyright © Stewart Dunn 2013 onwards