Lid for Case4-Pi       
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Equipment Needed (1) Case4-Pi kit (2) Ball point pen         (preferable thin point type) (3) Clear adhesive tape       (12mm wide is easiest to use)   (4) Rule    (30cm long is ideal) (5) Cutting board (to protect table)       (or work on used paper) (6) Knife or use the pen point to    remove the  ‘push out parts’.        
LID  added to Case4-Pi  To make use steps [1] - [5] 
LID with part removed to give access to GPIO and HapPi add.  To make use steps [6] to [13]
Collect  this flat part make the lid from.
Prepare to remove the square part. Use knife or pen to help remove the pips holding it in place.  
Making instructions for simple Lid  OR  LID with part removed to give access to GPIO and Raspberry Pi add-ons 
Score the bend lines marked. Use the marks provided  to line up
Fold sides right over 
Fit lid in the Case4-PI case
Remove *square part as shown. Do this carefully - don’t bend the sheet.  
Score the bend lines. Use the marks provided to line up the rule before scoring.
Double check lines are fully  scored then fold up. 
It will now look like this.    
Tape the part removed earlier as shown to strengthen it.  
Tape Tape Tape
Add to a Case4-Pi  to test it works
Add  breadboard and HapPi add-on for electronic work.   
HapPi add-on 
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