Getting and installing the NOOBS software  
NOOBS (stands for New Out Of the Box Software) NOOBS has been produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to make it easier to get started. A NOOBS SD card will has a lot of pre-installed software including a choice of operating systems  (Recommended for most users is Raspbian) and useful apps covering most peoples needs including web search, music, photo editor,  etc. More free apps can be added as needed such as ScratchGPIO  which is an extension to Scratch which is already supplied. To get started you need a NOOBS SD card You can get this by Buying  a ready to use NOOB SD card    (about £4) Easiest for beginner OR Downloading a copy of NOOBS onto a blank 8Gb SD card (ensure the SD card is approved type) More Help Video by Raspberry Pi Foundation   Note - Ignore part about sdcard association if you are using a blank new SD card. Configuring the software  Like all new computers you need to choose the features you want such as the country you are in (default is UK) This happens on first use. (a) Place SD card into the Raspberry PI, add monitor connection, keyboard and mouse then connect POWER lead last. NOOBS image to come (b) Select Raspbian operating system (the top option given) (c) A warning asks if you are sure  Click YES
(d) After installing (first load only) you are given configure choices which can be changed using the  enter and arrow keys. Raspi-configue  image  to come   If you just want to get going you can use the default setting but it is recommended you consider the following:- International options Select your country so time and places are correct   Camera  if you have a raspberry pi camera select this. Speed - Overclocking  You can select a faster speed including Turbo mode to make the RaspPi work faster.  WARNING  Your Raspberry Pi warranty may be invalidated but we have had no problems so far and always do this.  Overscan If a big black border appears around the desktop it can be removed using overscan option. (e) After making any changes it will start being installed. This takes some time (have a cup of tea) and is  NOT complete until a small screen appears saying Installed Successfully    NOTE You can re- configure settings later by typing  sudo raspi-config  in  LXTerminal
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