Using a Windows PC to program over the network a Raspberry Pi 
Using PuTTy to SSH using a PC
To obtain your IP address - needed when initializing  Open LX Terminal on Raspberry PI then type sudo ifconfig   the readout shows  the IP address within the information (the address is shown highlighted by the red rectangle opposite)
Raspberry Pi Set up Assuming you have already  downloaded PuTTy  connect your network and HDMI cable to the Raspberry Pi  before connecting power to the RaspPi.
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Click Start on PC to reveal programs
Click PuTTy to  open
1) Select saved name 2) load then 3) open  
PuTTy opens ready to Login  
Pop up Quick Summary
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PuTTy Logo
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Note - Python Errors 1) can occur due to poor typing or  2) using wrong version of PuTTy
PuTTy Use PuTTy to either:- 1) Write your own programs directly to Raspberry Pi via your PC (e.g. python programs using LXTerminal) 2) To see the list of contents on the SD card type ls <+enter>   3) Run a program that is already saved on the Raspberry Pi SD card. Example - To run a python program such as you need to  type sudo python <+enter>. Initialize only (first time session only) Open PuTTy then add your Static IP address  such as and add a memorable name (eg myname) for future saved sessions, then tick  SSH option then save as shown opposite.   1) Open PuTTy (assuming it has been initialised first)  Open PuTTy then select  the session wanted  e.g. myname that was saved when initialised then click the Load button and it will open ready to log in. 2) Login to PuTTy   Click on the PuTTy  Logo  to get a blank PuTTy screen open with the words login as This is your prompt to login by typing  pi then add your password  on the next line which by default is raspberry (it will not show as typed).