RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) - using !RDP App  Page 1 

Before starting Download iRDP from the Apple App Store onto your  Apple® Mac  computer.    And Ensure Raspberry Pi is working with xrdrp is loaded on your RaspPi SD card and you know your IP Address  (e.g.    See page xrpd page for details    
Using RDC - (after iRDP has been  loaded on your Apple® Mac)   Power up the Raspberry Pi  with internet cable connected to WiFi hub (1) On your  Apple® Mac open the RDC program  and connect 
(2) When RDC image below opens add your Raspberry IP Address  and then click on the connect button 
To see the Raspberry Pi user interface from an Apple Mac computer you can use iRDP an App available from the Apple store.  (also available for iPad use  - For Windows users download  RDP for Windows instead)
(4) The Raspberry Pi screen then appears on your Apple Mac. You now can control your RaspPi via  your Apple® Mac  
(3) Add your Raspberry Pi username (pi)  and password (raspberry) -  (if changed add you own)
 Note - The HDMI cable can be disconnected from the RaspPi once set up   Note - Video capture and playback does not seems to work via iRDC  Note - Size of desktop can be changed - Mac screen/RDC/Preferences/Display/Full screen 
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Pi-School then click connect
click RDC  Logo to open
IP Address
Add  pi   
then click connect
 Add raspberry   password does not show as typed in  
Now ready to use 
  Choose ScratchGPIO for Control / Robots