Remote Control Choices 
   Manual Controller with batteries 
Radio controller
radio   signals
with batteries for motors
RaspPi Pi  robot  with power for computer and motors
Screen, keyboard and mouse     
Robot blue  tooth
RaspPi Pi  robot with power for computer and motors
Keyboard + mouse
HDMI cable
This method allows you to program the Raspberry Pi  then remove the HDMI and Keyboard cables and then run it.   It is advisable to program so that one switch on the robot is used to start the robot once placed ready to run  and another to stop it.
HDMI cable
 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse     
Hand controller with wire link 
Radio Control 
Using screen, keyboard and mouse with RaspPi Robot
A very popular choice for remote controlled toys and model aeroplanes.  They can also be used to control robots and usually use servo motors to motion
Using wireless keyboard and mouse with RaspPi Robot
Cheap and good fun but is always linked by a wire so cannot be made autonomous 
Using a Wireless or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a good method as you only have to remove the HDMI cable still having control using the keyboard.
RaspPi Pi robot with WiFi dongle   
Computer with WiFi  
Once WiFi is set up it saves the need to have a separate screen keyboard and mouse BUT this method can be tricky to set up for the novice on some computers but easy with Linux computers The complexity depends on various factors such as platform used. Using Linux based Computers Linux computer to Raspberry Pi   This is fairly straightforward  - LINK to details   Using Windows Windows PC computer to Raspberry Pi A program such as PuTTy can be used  - LINK to PuTTY details  Apple Mac - Using Apple Terminal  This is straightforward if you only want to code, using the Terminal supplied with Apple Mac to produce text code using Python etc  - LINK to details  Apple Mac - Using RDP For full access to the Raspberry Pi desktop A program such as  RDP  will give you a remote desktop connection for full access to the RaspPi Desktop.  good  for visual programs such as  Scratch  - LINK to RPD details  Note1  - Also works with iPad but may not fit on screen as expected Note 2 There are RDP versions for Windows PC as well
Using  SSH  with your main computer
Raspberry Pi Robot    
Apple Mac with WiFi   
WiFi router
router cable
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