Downloading ScratchGPIO 
Loading ScratchGPIO, a OS program for control / robots  by Simon Walters 
Copyright © Stewart Dunn 2013 onwards
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Install Scratch GPIO  as follows You need to have the Raspberry Pi connected to the internet and a web browser such as Midori open then (1) Go to Simon Walters website for full details  Then go to  Install ScratchGPIO5 button    
(2) Install ScratchGPIO Here Simon explains how to install ScratchGPIO and the current  development  version in one operation onto your Raspberry Pi SD card. This is only done once.
TLBRC Simonís  Website
For reference only (correct at time of writing only) IMPORTANT  ALWAYS use latest instructions from Simon’s website   Step 1   Copy this line of code sudo wget -O then paste it into LXTerminal  <+ enter) to download the installer which will take a few minutes then Step 2 copy this line of code into LXTerminal sudo bash   then paste as into LXTerminal  <+ enter) Next time the Desktop on the Raspberry Pi is opened ScratchGPIO will be ready waiting to be used. Which version do I use? Use the stable version rather than the  dev version which is for developers. NEXT  Select one of the  ScratchGPIO program to use from the  Sitemap
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