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Taking Screenshots On The Raspberry Pi using an App called Scrot An easy way to take screenshots of the desktop is to use a free screenshot program such as scrot. Once the app is installed just type scrot -d 10  in  LX Terminal window  to take a screenshot after 10 seconds. (1) Setting Up  a) Have Raspberry Pi working with the Raspberry Logo on screen then b) open up LX Terminal  and c) Type  sudo apt-get install scrot in the LX Terminal d) Wait for it to load - (allow about 60seconds) (2) Making Screenshot Try this to take a screenshot after a 10 second delay use. scrot -d 10    This code will result in a screenshot being taken after 10 seconds (the delay in seconds gives you time to arrange the image you want first) To specify a file name and location you can use : scrot /home/pi/name.png Note Images will be saved in your default user directory (i.e. /home/pi/ or place on the desktop) More advanced options  scrot -h           Display additional help scrot -c -d 30  Adds a countdown showing  the 30 second delayed scrot -s         Specifies capture area  (drag mouse across image wanted) scrot -u    Captures the users current window scrot -q 100  Image quality 100 percentage (default is 75) scrot -t X   Create a thumbnail version at a specified percentage size X *More possible options and combinations are available ‘Scratch’ Screenshots You can use scrot to take screenshots of Scratch and ScratchGPIO scripts but it is also worth noting that scratch can also save pictures of the scripts itself from within the Scratch program.
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 In LXTerminal type sudo apt-get install scrot  <+ return>
 Make your screen shots by typing  the kind of screenshot wanted e.g  scrot -s -d 10  will allow you 10 seconds to select an area then it will create image
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