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7) Robot  Autonomous robot 8) Robot  Escape from maze 9) Robot  Direct control 10) Ultrasonics Avoidance Robot 11) Robot Line following Analogue Connecting up Electronics Electronic Basics Using breadboards connecting up hardware Protecting the Rasp Pi Scratch Videos Scratch  basics ScratchGPIO  Loading ScratchGPIO Blinky LED ScratchGPIO (also python version)  How to use ScratchGPIO Adding Variables  such as HapPi Python Python code 1) 2) 3) Other Music - sonic Pi
Youtube Videos  l Stepper motor Temperature Raspberry Pi Help  Why the RaspPI is so Popular Linux Connecting up to the Raspberry Pi PDF page - ready RaspPi    Linux Commands Summary  Programs we use Raspian Remote Control Choices SSH Mac SSH PC PuTTy GPIO chart  Geany Cyberduck FileZilla - transfer files SSH IDLE  3 GitHub IR sensor Remote Desktop using  !RDP xrdp for use with RDC   Help Analogue NOOBS SD card Screen copy - using scrot RaspPI Video  - use camera RaspPI Video  -  record a video Music - Using Sonic Pi Useful links Checklist for HapPi Demo FAQ Glossary Linux commands 
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