SSH from Mac to RaspPi 
Getting ready to use PuTTy You need your Raspberry Pi  connected up with network and  HDMI cables  then it power on  
1) Open  Terminal To find Terminal on Apple Mac Finder > Applications > Utilities  > Terminal 2) Link from  Apple® Mac by SSH to Raspberry Pi Link is made by typing  ssh -l pi   (using your own I.P. address)   the -l pi  part indicates we want to log in as pi 3)  Add password when asked  Add your password  (password will NOT show as it is typed) then press enter (Note - the password will be  raspberry  unless you have changed  it) After entering the password the following type of message will appear
To obtain your IP address (needed when initializing) Open LX Terminal on Raspberry PI then type sudo ifconfig   the readout shows  the IP address within the information  (the IP address is shown highlighted by the red rectangle opposite)
Copyright © Stewart Dunn 2013 onward
Using a Apple Mac to program over the network to your Raspberry Pi 
Copyright © Stewart Dunn 2013 onwards
Terminal  logo To run a Python program   First  Check the program you want is on the RaspPi SD card by typing ls  <enter> to list the content of the RaspPi              Then Select the Python program you want from the list displayed, for example a program  called by typing  sudo python <+enter> Pi-School
(For Terminal programs only NOT for viewing the GUI and running Scratch etc)