Taking Photos using the PiCamera  
When in place  it will look like this 
Microphone photo taken     
Setting up - do this once only  
  A) Connect  PiCamera cable to the the RaspPi       
B) Enable Camera Option Start Raspberry Pi as normal then type sudo raspi-config in LXTerminal so we can enable camera.  continued........  
When the list of options opens up,  use arrow keys to Enable Camera  (5th line down) then hit enter and then  enable. Choose yes after the reboot. C) Load the code needed from the internet onto the SD card a) Log in again (if needed) and open LXTerminal b) type the following command sudo apt-get install python-picamera python3-picamera python- rpi.gpio  <+ enter>
To Make an Image called ‘image’ Type  raspistill -o image.jpg  <+ enter> You will briefly see a live image on your screen then it disappears for second image type raspistill -o image2.jpg  <+ enter>  
To View the Images Click on File Manager find your file called image (or image2) Click RH mouse button then open image viewer    
Photos can be easily taken using the PiCamera using just one line of code in the LXTerminal. Once taken it can be viewed in a viewer such as omxplayer  using another single line of code. 
To add cable a) lift the connector catch up b) place ribbon cable in with cable contacts forward as shown c) push catch down
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