Loading xrdp on the Raspberry Pi  for RDC  page2  

This second page shows how to load xrdp to the Raspberry Pi so RDC will work.  
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IMPORTANT Make sure you have also read about RDC  Link to RDC page   first because  xrdp  works together with RDC program.  To  achieve Remote Desktop Connection you need RDC is loaded on the Apple Mac computer and xrdp  is loaded on the RaspPi.
Obtaining your  Raspberry Pi IP address. To find your  IP Address  use the Terminal on the Raspberry Pi  type ifconfig  then find the IP address such as which is needed when starting RDC on the Apple Mac.   For  more help also see RDC page .
 To load xrdp you need -   Your Raspberry Pi connected to the network, with an internet cable, a monitor, keyboard and mouse, SD card  with Raspbian and  powered on with a good power supply. To load xrdp on the Raspberry Pi   This only needs to be done once. (1)  Open  LXTerminal on the Raspberry Pi. (2)  Type the following command sudo apt-get install xrdp (3)  add your password (usually raspberry) It will then start installing  (takes a few seconds) then (4)  Type Y when it asks Y/N?  It then starts installing xrdp onto your Raspberry Pi SD card for next few minutes. (wait till finished) (5) Restart your Raspberry Pi after it has finished loading.